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Yeti Health Science Academy Yeti Health Science Academy
2014, Jan 5 BPH - II(Regular) Semesters exam form has been opened BPH - II(Regular) Semesters exam form has been opened. Read more..
2013, Aug 12 B.Sc. Nursing - IV, BPH - III and PBN - II years exam schedule has been published. B.Sc. Nursing - IV, BPH - III and PBN - II years exam schedule has been published.... Read more..
2013, Jul 30 नर्स बन्न नजाऊ बैङ्गलोर सम्पादकीय गुणस्तरीय शिक्षाको खोजीमा रहेका नेपाली विद्या Read more..
2013, Jul 30 बैङ्गलोरमा नर्सिङ विद्यार्थीको बिलौना - स्वास्थ्य खबरपत्रिका / बैङ्गलोरको नर्सिङ शिक्षासम्बन्धी Read more..
2013, Jul 29 बैङ्गलोर नर्सिङ शिक्षा : तिलमिलाए कन्सलटेन्सी - स्वास्थ्य खबरपत्रिका, २०७० साउन ५ / असार महिनामा राजधानीम Read more..

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YETI HEALTH SCIENCE ACADEMY (YHSA) is an academic Institution established in Kathmandu in 2003 with the aim of producing mid-level and higher-level human resources on various disciplines of health sciences. The college is affiliated to Purbanchal University for Bachelor Level Programs and Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) for Certificate Level Programs. This institution has its own buildings for class rooms, library, laboratories, office and  hostel. It is centrally located in Kathmandu City at Kantimarga, Maharajgunj. It has well-equipped laboratory facilities with modern equipme
Yeti Health Science Academy


It is an exciting time for the health professions as we study and practice in an ever changing, growing healthcare environment. The college of Health sciences is committed to ensuring that our graduates are well prepared to successfully work and lead in this growing and challenging environment. 
Yeti Health Science Academy

What Our Students Say

Yeti Health Science Academy The attractive teaching ,learning way and familiar environment attracted me and I am feeling proud that the college I have chosen is the best.
Message From Principal
Dear Students Congratulations for your decision to join Yeti Health Science Academy (YHSA) and beginning a fruitful, rewarding and enriching learning journey. At Yeti Health Science Academy we provide holistic educational experiences through various innovative teaching approaches. By the time
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