Yeti Health Science Academy library was started with a few books and managed by only one staff. Now we have not such a pitty condition because of trained staff and a lot of sufficient books. YHSA library provides students with a comprehensive range of resources, text books, lecture notes, daily newspapers, magazines, newsletters, journals and other relevant publications. All students and staff can borrow and use the facilities. Services and facilities are availabel throughout the year and a friendly team of staff is always at hand to assist. To enhance student’s access to the library further resources, college has a plan to upgrade its capacity electronically so that students can search for the intended books, journals etc through the computer. Our objective is to enhance student’s knowledge base by offering chances to study a wide range of educational materials at library.



Life in a hostel means a whole panorama of experiences that span form making “friends for life” to gaining the confidence to face life independently. That is why we have laid a lot of emphasis in creating a warm, welcoming, invigorating and homely atmosphere in our girsl hostels. At YHSA, the hostel is a home away form home, where the students develop the ‘confidence to be independent’, it friendships, food, belongings, joys, sorrows, challenges or any of the uncountable experiences of growing-up together.


Hostel’s Rules & Regulations for the student

Student those who are staying in the hostel should follow the rules & regulations given below:

  • Student should cooperate in the up keep of the hostel and fame.
  • Jewellery and expensive items are not permitted in the room.
  • Relatives are not permitted in the rooms.
  • In sickness, student should report to the calss co-oordinator during college hours and thereafter to the warden.
  • No student is allowed to go outside the hostel without the written permission of the warden and they should be back at the hostel by 6 PM.
  • All lights must be swithced off by 11 PM.
  • Students should check that all lights and fans are swithced off when they leave the room.
  • Ironing the cloth or cooking isw not allowed in the living rooms.
  • If you want to go outside or to stay in case of illness or other purposes you should take prior permission from the warden.
  • Any misbehavior inside or outside the hostel with the staqff or among them selves or any others will be taken seriously and suitable punishment will be given as per the seriousness and the situation.

Visitors are allowed only on Saturday between 2 PM to 6 PM

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