It is an exciting time for the health professions as we study and practice in an ever changing, growing healthcare environment. The college of Health sciences is committed to ensuring that our graduates are well prepared to successfully work and lead in this growing and challenging environment. The objectives of YHSA  are:

  • To provide quality education in an academic environment by providing excellent faculty and state of the art instruments and equipments
  • To make students excellent in their field of study
  • To prepare students to face new challenges of the century
  • to create an environment that enhances each student's potential and encourages ethical behavior
  • To make them use their knowledge in real life situations
  • To live, lead and serve the country
  • To promote the capabilities of the students in non-curricular fields too, so that there is a balanced all round development of their personalities
  • To have strong interactions with hospitals and other health care teams and regulatory authorities
  • To make students responsible citizens